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Joe Jackson, Plaintiff, vs Chicago American League Baseball Club, Defendant:

The Never-Before-Seen Trial Transcript

Chicago’s Eckhartz Press Preserves Untold Truth in Baseball History, Penned by Master Researchers Dr. David Fletcher and Jacob Pomrenke

Dr. David Fletcher and Jacob Pomrenke are investigative reporters and master researchers of the highest caliber.

Their inquisition into the Shoeless Joe Jackson case is nothing short of an expedition…a probing search for the truth…which has long since been covered up over time.

Nobody else could possibly tackle this untold story or dig up intricate tidbits and details in such a complete and thorough manner.

The magnitude of exhaustive work, diligence, research and fact-checking in this book is unsurpassed.

This investigative team has delved into an untold story and brought it to the surface for all to ponder.

A long…but extremely worthwhile read…the hundreds of pages are worth their weight in gold…while the platinum secrets revealed are priceless!

Joe Jackson vs. Chicago American League Baseball Clubis published by Eckhartz Press (…the hottest publishing house in Chicago…nationally renowned for tacking unique subject matter! 

The eBook is a whopping 1511 Pages…and I guarantee you will be hanging on every word. This is a perfect read when traveling or for a long weekend! The only thing is you won’t want to put it down!

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K.P. Lynne,